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We are very happy to hear from you as a reseller.
We are happy to work with our partners to ensure that our professional, handmade jaw harps reach as many people as possible.

Since the 1980s, Szilágyi Dorombs have been found in instrument shops on five continents, played in concert halls, on recordings, and by enthusiast jaw harp players. Master jaw harp maker Zoltán Szilágyi has passed on his knowledge to his son, internationally acclaimed jaw harp player Áron Szilágyi, who continues the family tradition of doromb making.

We welcome applications from wholesalers, retailers, webshops, instrument shops, or fair sellers for cooperation. We offer our partners attractive resale prices, on-time delivery, professional packaging, and customer service. We make it easy for our resellers to sell our instruments with a starter set of the most popular types available only to them, our excellent tutorials, pictures, and doromb displays for use in instrument shops and fairs, festivals.

You can apply to become a reseller by filling in the form below. Within 1-2 days after registration, we will evaluate your application, contact you by e-mail or phone, and create a reseller profile. Once you have entered your profile, it is very easy to order at reseller prices.

(We don't do stock sales at all, but you can order even in very small quantities as a reseller.)

We look forward to receiving your application.

Anett Madla and Áron Szilágyi
Doromb Ltd.

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