Fundaments of Jew's harp playing: quick guide
05/12/2019 15:53

The aim of this tutorial series (dorombsuli) is to teach the beginners to the fundaments of the Jew's harp playing and give advice to more experienced players on how to step further. Advanced players can find some techniques that they had known differently or hadn't known at all before. I tried to avoid describing the culture-specific playing styles (Yakut, Austrian, Sicilian etc.)

The most important thing while learning the Jew's harp that it gives you pleasure, therefore no need to force anything. You cannot play false on the Jew's harp, you cannot play wrong notes. The whole Jew's harp playing is about discovering the wonders of your mouth cavity, and find your own own rhythm. 

These tutorials are meant to be just hints and guidelines and I honestly hope that all of you will improve their playing techniques way beyond the level of these videos. 

Advanced: 5/4 beat
15/12/2019 15:17

This video is a tutorial to the groove I'm playing in the song Pangea by the band Navrang (the low Jew's harp, not the high one). This is a 5/4 beat, to put it simply it means that theere are four sounds in one bar. The video first shows you the whole groove, then the simpler first simpler variant, then the more difficult variant with tremolo. You just have to repeat and there you go. DU-tata-DU-ta. DU: pluck+breath, ta: pluck (without breath).

Advanced: 13/8 beat
15/12/2019 15:16
Playlist of all tutorial videos
15/12/2019 15:14